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GEWA 07 Dessous Bild 19
GEWA 07 Dessous Bild 19
Kommentare: 4

BerninaCenter Bild 14
BerninaCenter Bild 14


BerninaCenter Bild 14
Beschreibung: BerninaCenter Bild 14
Datum: 10.09.2007 09:07
Hits: 5403
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Dateigröße: 45.7 KB
Hinzugefügt von: admin

Modell: C2500L
Belichtungszeit: 1/100
Blende: F/3.9
ISO-Zahl: 100
Aufnahmedatum: 14.02.2007 17:48:03
Brennweite: 28mm

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Kommentare: 12

Organ is a Greek famous harpist. Legend has it that her tweedle can make the wrath of Poseidon to restore calm; hands down her tweedle can get jealous Hera heart tolerance; hands down her tweedle can make cloudy hardis to obtain the happy smile. For her, the young king sent the messenger. But Jean has mercilessly rejected his invitation. Qin said, she never harpsichord to supercilious, only consists of the king. Angel took her words wholly intact to tell the king, who would want to be king after listening smile. The very next day morning, palace female officers found the king disappeared, but they all laugh, like nothing happened. Away. Like they want and expect, the king came to the organ where. In his wonderful chords lead, in Athena for olive side saw love girl. The breeze frivolously she detailed face, the station in her shoulder with her singing, fragrance of flowers wrapped in her fingertips with appropriated notes drifting into the distance. Chin suddenly feel a blazing light heat around. She looked up towards the sky, more beautiful, more dazzle eye than the deep sea. For a time, they have eyes only for each other, while ignoring the from all sides. From that day the king always in the morning and quietly out of the palace, and musical instrument also can in the morning with the beloved harp to a secret place. The development of things than the story more beautiful, Jean and King's love was not obstructed by royal. The people and all the nobles of blessing of Qin was into court. When all the people think that they will be like the perfect, from hell the curse of darkness come upon them. Originally very friendly neighboring country suddenly launched a terrible war, in order to people safety the king had to immediately rush to the battlefield. On the wedding night he left deep love girl. Piano every day and he had dated for the harpsichord to distant king, but to his dying. She is very strong, the tears don't get flooded her eyes. Piano on the day with King's blood stained shirt, by plucking finger command cruel war. In celebrating the victory, in the cloudless sky, on piano knee King shirt was a hit with crystal water. Every night the organ will be sky harpsichord, she hopes the king can be heard in heaven. And every morning, she goes to collect the scattered dewdrops, she knew that her love is king on the response. Finally, after many years, until she always sleeps not wake up the people Qin with lifetime collection of five million two hundred and thirteen thousand three hundred and forty-four bottles of dew all pour sleeping in her place. At the last hits the ground, a miracle happened. Jean 's grave poured out of a clear spring, embracing her body. By the Spring Creek, the creek becomes into river, river sea. From the Greeks had a clear sea. People call it" Aegean Sea".
Legend two
In ancient times, a king called Minos, he ruled over Aegean Sea one of the islands of crete. Minos son in Athens that moment was a plot to kill the. For the son of Minos to revenge, the Athenian people challenge. In God's punishment, Athens was full of famine and pestilence. In the challenge, the Athenians to Minos and Wang Qiu. Minos demanded that they once every 9 years to send7young boys and girls to crete. Minos in Crete to build a numerous palaces maze, the maze path is tortuous aspect, who don't want to go out. In the maze of the depth, Minos had a personal" beast Mino cattle. Athens sent to every7young boys and girls are offered Mino the cow eats. This year, and the year is dedicated to young boys and girls. Young boys and girls have the parents all jittery. King of Athens: Aegean son Theseus sees people suffer from such unfortunate and deeply disturbing. He is determined and the young boys and girls who start off together, and vowed to kill Mino. The Athenian people in a cry of sorrow sound, farewell Theseus,7 pairs of young boys and girls. Theseus and the father agreed, if he killed Mino cattle, on the return voyage the ship sails into the black Bai Fan. As long as the ship sails the black into white, that the king could see his son Theseus. Theseus led the young boys and girls in Crete beach. His handsome indemnity caused by King Xiu Si 's daughter, beautiful and intelligent Ali Adrian - the princess 's attention. He and the princess fall in love at first sight, and secretly meeting with him. When she knew but after the mission, she gave him a magic sword and a ball of thread, so as not to Theseus by Mino cattle. The wise and courageous Theseus enter the maze, the ball is tied to the entrance, and then release the ball, along the tortuous channels, go into the maze. Finally, he finally found the monster Mino cattle. He seized Mino cow horns, with Princess Ariadne to the sword, to kill Mino. Then, he took the young boys and girls, along the line out of the labyrinth. In order to prevent the Minos, King pursued, they cut through the ship 's bottom all crete. Ali Adrian 's princess to help them, and together they escaped from the island of Crete subsequently separated from him. ( there is information that the princess did not and together they return, Theseus depressed just forget to hang Bai Fan ), set sail back. After a few days of the voyage, and finally to see our country athens. Theseus and his partner excited, they sing and dance, but he forgot and father agreed, no black sails into Bai Fan. Waiting for his son to return the king at the beach waiting for the son's return, when he saw the return of ship hanging still black sails, that her son Mino has been eating, he was to jump into the sea, the Dutch act. In honor of the king, he dived into the sea, from the Aegean Sea.
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Kommentare: 12
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Europe is the most <A href=" "> Cheap Prada Sale </a> densely populated island. City population accounted for about64% of the population in the Delta, the Delta in the second at Oceania and North America, ranking the third place. But the population is negative, the European population distribution in the <A href=" "> Prada Bags </a> western most closely, the middle reaches of the Rhine Valley, Paris basin, Eastern Belgium and Thames River downstream each square kilometers are in more than 200 people, most of the residents are white people in Europe <A href=" "> Cheap Prada Shoes </a> ( Europa people). Residents belong to the following languages: Indo-European, belong to this family residents accounted for95% of the total population of the entire island, including Slavic, Germanic, Latin, Greek, Albania, Celtic languages of ethnic languages; Ural, <A href=" "> Prada Shoes </a> including Finland, black Gore, Samoyed languages of ethnic. Residents more Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox church. Italy is located in the capital city of Rome the northwest corner of the city of the Vatican, is <A href=" "> Prada Shoes Sale </a> the world's Catholic center. Translation work is very important for Europe, people said: "there is no translation, no negotiation; no negotiations, no resolution; no resolution, no european." Scandinavia refers to Jutland, Scandinavia <A href=" "> Prada Sale UK </a> Peninsula area. Including Iceland, the Faroe Islands ( Dan ), Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Area more than 132square kilometers. There are many plateau, hills, lakes, Quaternary glacial period for glacier, therefore many glacial landforms and fiord coast. Scandinavia peninsula area of about 800000square <A href=" "> Prada UK </a> kilometers, Norway coast steep turns, with many islands and fjords. The Scandinavia mountains throughout the peninsula, about 1500 kilometers long, wide about 400- 600kilometers, west slope steep, Dongpo gently, for the old platform <A href=" "> Designer Shoes </a> shaped mountain, individual regions have a glacier, Norway great peak 2470 meters above sea level, the highest point is a peninsula. Iceland volcano and hot springs. The majority area <A href=" "> men shoes prada </a> climate is temperate coniferous forests; only the Atlantic coastal areas because of north the Atlantic stream, climate is temperate, belong to climate of temperate broad-leaved forest. <A href=" ">Prada Shoes Sales </a> River of short flow urgent, rich in hydropower resources.
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Leaf area do not know big battle is very long, how long, he only know that now <A href=" "> Cheap Prada Sale </a>
is November, the year's harvest a lot worse than in previous years, this time of the year leaves her hand more or less accumulation of several pieces of copper, this year saw the end of the year will come, not only did not accumulate half leaf area copper plate, but also eat a lot of capital. Since the battle of Shanghai begins, a small city of Liuzhou into a lot of a northern accent fugitives, more or less a little news of the war, not to regard it as right leaf area, light he saw from the north shore dock out less or tens of thousands of troops, <A href=" "> cheap gucci sale </a>
leaf Chongshan hoped this big battle quickly finished, these refugees Yankee go -- would not work, many penniless Yankees to pier had been selling cooly, price is very low still, Hakka guy now not only to beware of strong guy, ancient Mountain Yao guy and water Yao Yankees grab live, but also with the Yankees to a fight, this day is more and more sad.
Since November has been a half, no work leaves Chongshan was lying in the cars to lazily basking in the sun, the pier suddenly crowded, leaf Chongshan curious also ground into the crowd, was originally a newsboy selling newspapers.
" Losing the fight?! How so. The crowd Lu scholar at Title called. <A href=" "> Cheap Adidas Shoes </a>

" About what? About what?" Illiterate people crowded around him and looked out, although the words in the newspaper recognized them, but they did not know.
" The battle of Shanghai were defeated, the withdrawal of all troops, Shanghai was occupied by the japanese ... ..." LV scholar face said gloomily.
"How will lose?! We pulled in so many people in the past, at least tens of thousands! Japan ghost has several?" In gunny Chinaman impression, <A href=" "> louis vuitton bags </a>
thousands of people scale had very great fights scenes, from the beginning of May, the dock to the north out of the army at least tens of thousands of people.
"Is that you, is it right? Wrong, we have so many gun ... ..." Another sack man chimed in.
" Chi ... ..." LV scholar contemptuously oblique sack." Look, you know Japanese ghost without a gun? They have guns, know what is the gun? The shells so big, a drop down here people must die." The scholar hand surrounded by pointing to a shell size.
" Cock Ya with oh ... ... There is so much stuff? I think the powder gun it is worse ... ..." Gunny Yankees don't believe.
The crowd was buzzing about.
Leaf Chongshan squeeze in time to hear the LV scholar said, not by the fire:" <A href=" "> Cheap Nike </a>
cock y mi ... ... Lose and win your shit off eggs? Shanghai where you know?"
LV scholar used contemptuously oblique leaf Chongshan eye:" far from Shanghai, thousands of miles away from Guangxi ... ..."
" It is ... ... So far, your shell fly over to the people here have hit dead?" Angry leaf Chongshan interrupt scholar words, grabbed the newspaper tear into pieces -- and its interest in the far away in Shanghai life, the Liuzhou have rather concerned about the sack can carry be close by.
" You you you ... ... Children can not be taught ... ..." LV scholar went red in the face, but did not dare to the large leaf area, leaf area to say a word.
One night in December, leaf area is hut in sleep, suddenly I heard someone outside whispered:" her brother ... ... Her brother ... ..."
Leaf area up to open the door, not a ghost, was about to shut the door leaf <A href=" "> MBT Shoes Sale </a>
area and heard his voice, is also very familiar with, take a look, the original sound is from the ground to the middle of hard, dark area at a time, only to see a man lying on the ground crying he.
" Her brother, I am good clear ah ... ..." The people on the ground saw leaf area, with a tearful cries.
" Good ah mi ... ... You get to do what ... ..." Leaf area went to see, good clean feet knee broken, he is hard to climb here.
Leaf area to make good Qing hold into a shack on the bed, lit the lamp to see Chu Shan thin emaciated, clothes already disappear without a trace, only the lower body was still around half do not know where to find gunny cloth, if not <A href=" "> Cheap Jordan Sale </a>
heard is a good clear voice, leaves her thought saw a ghost.
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On one hand, Kirstie Henjes none of us probably thought toms shoes - that Stephen Hawking was born in a wheelchair. But as a pop men toms shoes - culture figure, his wheelchair and electronic voice are his thing, and against all logic you find it hard to think of him shoes men toms - any other way, like how you can't think of Hulk Hogan without the tan and mustache. That photo up there is from 1965, when a 23-year-old Hawking married Jane Wilde. That was after his diagnosis with ALS, the disease that would put him in the wheelchair (note the cane). But just a couple men size toms shoes - of years before that, he had no idea he had a degenerative disease -- he was a healthy, active, drinking college student at Oxford: Then, one day he noticed he was having trouble keeping his womens toms shoes - hands steady, and once fell down a flight of stairs. Hey, best to go get it checked out, right? Could be, like, an ear infection or something toms classic shoes - throwing off his balance.
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BerninaCenter Bild 14

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BerninaCenter Bild 14

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BerninaCenter Bild 14

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